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25th anniversary: the symbolism of Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album cover

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Michael Jackson’s eighth studio album, Dangerous, turns 25 today. To celebrate the 25th anniversary we uncover the album cover’s intricate symbolism and meaning. 


Dangerous was released on November 26th in 1991. It was the first album to be fully produced by Jackson, taking over a year’s production. One of the best selling albums of all time, Dangerous sold 32 million copies worldwide (with 7 Million copies sold worldwide in just the first two months of release.) Lyrical themes expressed in the album include world issues such as racism, poverty, and the welfare of children and the world.

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Breakaway Daily Interview with Akua Allrich

in Lifestyle

BREAKAWAY DAILY: When did you first
realize that you wanted to pursue music professionally? 


It’s funny. I waited about seven or eight years after graduating with my
BFA to really consider singing professionally. The ban of smoking in clubs had
a lot to do with my decision. But, most importantly, I had started my family
with my hugely supportive husband, and he pushed me to pursue my passion as a
performing musician.

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Breakaway Daily Exclusive Interview with Corey Clark

in Lifestyle

I had the opportunity to speak with American Idol Alumni Corey Clark about his new music, his entertainment company and his Crowd Funding Project that fans can be a part of.


Recently voted Best Male R&B Vocalist in Music City U.S.A. (Nashville Tennessee) Corey Clark is best known for being a standout finalist on the 2nd season of the mega-hit Fox TV series American Idol.

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