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Stray off the beaten path this fall with Blue District’s “Nature’s Realm” collection

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Let yourself wander through the enchanted forest as we take a walk through Blue District‘s Nature’s Realm collection. You’ll find yourself among earth tones, floral prints, lush textures and patterns inspired by nature in these whimsical and captivating pieces. From puff jackets, chunky sweaters, elegant coats, bodysuits, flowing skirts, fairy dresses, and even unique statement heels, there’s something here to dress your enchanted side.

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Eco-friendly “diamond” engagement rings for the alternative bride-to-be

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Why buy real diamonds if you don’t have to? Diamond Veneer Jewelry utilises an eco-friendly process without radiation or harsh chemicals with a conflict free standard to offer diamonds untouched by ethical abuses.  Fake “diamond” rings are ethical and cheaper then real engagement rings. Diamond Veneer Jewelry designers offer engagement rings that are simultaneously dazzling and caused no harm to the environment while they were being made.

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Thailand Fashion: Wings by Hejselbjerg

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Working and living in Thailand, Danish designer Mette Hejselbjerg designs with a modern eye and taste for the tropics. Each of her collections are produced in Vietnam where she works with local craftsmen to translate her European tastes into a cool collection that is both earthy and urban.


This video is a behind the scenes look at various clothing lines brought forth by Mette Hejselbjerg, a women’s fashion designer in Phuket Thailand.

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