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Julia Daviy is bringing fashion into the future with 3D printed clothing

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Julia Daviy is a fashion designer with a high-tech twist. She creates 3D-printed clothing that is both fashionable and functional, with an eye towards sustainability and ethical production. With patterns from lace to leather, Daviy creates clothing that is cruelty-free, recyclable, and classically chic. This revolution will re-empower women around the world, and begin to repair the torn fabric of our society. The myths of the weaving goddess, of Athena, the Fates and the Celestial Mother, remind us that women once wove our society together. Today we are at the start of a revolution in fashion, as 3D printing transforms the industry in the same way digital technologies have transformed and disrupted many other industries. This revolution will re-empower women around the world, and begin to repair the torn fabric of our society.” Daviy is also a co-founder of the Green Economy Institute in Eastern Europe, and sits on the boards of other organisations in the field of clean technology. Her interest in combating climate change and reducing the impact of fashion on the environment spurred her to begin studying 3D printing technologies as a way to reduce chemical pollution, energy consumption, material waste and the exploitation of animals in the fashion…

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Interview with singer and author Melissa Pettignano on faith and moving forward

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aith has been the common thread running through Melissa Pettignano’s life. Through the good times and the bad alike, her faith has been there to support her and remind her that there will always be light and love. She brings that message to people through her music, humanitarian work and writing. In her award winning book, Suzanne Lantana: A Collection of Short Stories, Pettignano included fictional pieces based upon real events in her life, including the loss of her beloved aunt in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. The lessons presented in Melissa’s book can help teens and pre-teens begin to develop effective life skills and coping mechanisms. We sat down in New Jersey to talk with Melissa about her inspiration for her music and writing, and her continuing faith. BREAKAWAY DAILY: What inspired you to write your book, Suzanne Lantana: A Collection of Short Stories? MELISSA: When I was in the six grade a teacher at school encouraged me to write and to consider publishing my collected tales as a book. And so I did. They are collections of short stories that have personal meaning and offer pertinent life lessons for young girls. The main character, Suzanne, is a fun-loving girl with a lot of…

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Stray off the beaten path this fall with Blue District’s “Nature’s Realm” collection

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et yourself wander through the enchanted forest as we take a walk through Blue District‘s Nature’s Realm collection. You’ll find yourself among earth tones, floral prints, lush textures and patterns inspired by nature in these whimsical and captivating pieces. From puff jackets, chunky sweaters, elegant coats, bodysuits, flowing skirts, fairy dresses, and even unique statement heels, there’s something here to dress your enchanted side. There’s magic and inspiration to be found at every turn. Ready to take a gander? Into the woods we go… [adace_shoppable_image attachment=”14121″] The enchanted forest has a life of its own. Its paths weave through the trees, across streams and through the bushes, with something new to discover at every turn. Hear the crunch of fallen leaves and branches beneath your feet, feel the crisp air on your skin, and smell the fresh rich earth with all its possibilities. Get in touch with your enchanted side by wandering through the forest and discovering something new. Follow your own path… [adace_shoppable_image attachment=”14120″] Inspired by nature, these pieces feature soft lines and soft fabrics cut to fit, flow and flatter. Whether your muse calls you to a snow-covered field with icicles hanging from branches and sparkling in the…

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