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Ernie Hasler speaks to injustice in Poems: Reflecting the Truth

Ernie Hasler speaks to injustice in Poems: Reflecting the Truth

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  • New Glasgow, Scotland

Ernie Hasler has lived a life that came with many ups and downs, while watching things change around him. While he sees injustice, he also delights in the simplicities of changing seasons. He believes greed is the basis of many things and strives to speak of difficult issues through his verse and poetry as a way to spotlight topics that are often overlooked.

In his book Poems: Reflecting the Truth-Volume One: Over Fifty Years Researching the Truth, Ernie Hasler expresses the good and bad in the world. He talks of injustices, but also sees moments of truth and caring. In a balance of time and wisdom, he has spoken to his readers through his poetic verse to present humanity in a way you might not have seen.

“We need to think for ourselves and work together. Together, we can focus on the common good.”

This interview has been edited for brevity, readability, clarity and conciseness.

What inspired you to write this book? They’re quite strong topics. 

With a long life of highs and lows, at seventy-seven, I’ve lived through a lot. There’s both good and bad. With seasons renewing every spring, and providing harvest every autumn, renewal is an important part of life.  Sadly, I find that greed predominates in human relations, and injustice is constant. These are big issues to describe, and poetry seemed to be the best vehicle.

One of the questions you pose is if we followed Yeshua’s teachings. Have you? What impact did it have on you? 

The Christian Church turned Yeshua the Messiah into a “Magic” man/god. I used to be well known by several thousand; now, I am isolated in my home. Keeping the seventh-day Sabbath sets you apart. 

He speaks of loving all people, and of making peace, rather than conflict. These are measures that when practice bring about love, rather than disrespect and hate. He speaks of forgiveness, true forgiveness, and not with reservation. There are so many moments of wisdom in his commandments, you only have to look at you’ll understand. Be good to others, and you’ll find happiness by letting go and not judging others. Live with peace and love in your heart.

What inspired your mission of Plant Tree Save Planet and starting women’s tree nurseries in developing countries? How did the experience shape you?

Women are marginalized, especially in less developed countries. Funding tree nurseries seemed an excellent way to help them create a business that would help support themselves and their children. Do you know many men who are interested in growing trees?

Do you have a favourite spot you go to reflect? 

No, I don’t need a place to reflect. All my life experiences are in my head.

Author Ernie Hasler
Is there something you wish you could change about how people see and treat the planet? What one thing would you hope to get across?

There are a couple of things to consider when looking to make a big difference in the world, such as choosing smaller houses. Also, less meat-eating. And of course, the planet needs less carbon burning. By making these three changes, we’d be able to create a bigger impact.

You’ve got a lot of life experience behind you. Do you have words of wisdom that reflect over the varied experiences you’ve had in life?

One thing I regret is that I didn’t make good use of the opportunities which life presented to me. I was too engrossed and intimidated in what other people would think. Letting life pass by, at the time we’re so consumed by others, that we don’t focus on the opportunity that presents itself. 

When you write, do the words come to you in the moment, in quiet reflection, or rather in bits and pieces?

When it comes to writing, the biggest challenge is simply sitting down and doing the task at hand. Sitting down and starting is the key. Once I started, the words came easily, and I was able to get my thoughts down.

What do you hope people get from the experience of reading your book?

There’s a lot to say. When we open our eyes to the things going on around us, there’s much to see. I do hope that people will learn from my book. People need to understand that politicians will lie. We need to think for ourselves and work together. Together, we can focus on the common good.  Think about this, the most influential world leaders aren’t those that are the best people but are simply the billionaires. 

What types of books do you like to read when you aren’t writing? 

Today, the only book I indulge in is The Bible. It is a guiding force in my life.

For more information on Ernie Hasler visit his official website. Poems: Reflecting the Truth-Volume One: Over Fifty Years Researching the Truth is available via Amazon.

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