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Breakaway Daily Interview & Review: Mustafa Ozalcin’s debut fiction novel, “When The World Becomes Braille,” looks at the signs around us

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One Night in the 90’s is the first book from the trilogy series When the World Becomes Braille by Mustafa

Ozalcin. The story is told first person from the perspective of the character Chris, through what he describes as a diary.

During a London weekend

we see Chris and his lifelong friends meander through relationships, drugs and violence.

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Breakaway Daily Interview with Crime & Mystery Author William Powell

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William Powell discuses his latest novel When Justice Comes Calling, his writing process, as well as films and books including Star Wars, Fight Club, Resident Evil, American Psycho, and Misery. 


Hailing from Sutton Surrey in the UK, William’s works include 45 Days, Descent Into Madness and This Is Not An Exit which is a 4th wall breaking meta-story and satirical (yet dark) look at Will’s creative process.

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