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Les Twins perform a powerful street dance to My Mind

Les Twins perform a powerful street dance to My Mind

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  • London, UK

Larry Bourgeois, one half of the legendary French dance duo Les Twins, performed a poignant dance to “My Mind” by YEBBA while in London last month that will move you to tears. The raw, yet controlled riffs and runs of the Grammy-nominated singer’s soulful vocals are equally matched by Larry’s precise movements. He feels, interprets and communicates every aspect of the music including the emotional weight of the lyrics YEBBA’s breathtaking voice sings. Watch the moving freestyle above, it will touch your soul.  

Les Twins (Larry & Laurent Bourgeois) are continually proving they are more then just amazing dancers, they are amazing performers. Les Twins (season one champions of NBC’s World of Dance) have been in London sporadically over the last six months shooting their debut movie role in the new Men In Black (2019). They have also just began working on another major film project, Cats (2019), based on the Broadway musical of the same name. In between filming, the brothers have frequently joined other street dancers at the iconic Piccadilly Circus (the road junction and public space of London’s West End). Les Twins consistently and brilliantly reflect every musical note from across genres as they dance from the very depths of their souls. They are constantly leaving audiences mesmerized, and this performance is no exception.

Abbey Smith who goes by the stage name YEBBA, is a New York based singer that hails from Arkansas. YEBBA just received her first nomination in the 2019 Grammy Awards for Best Traditional R&B Performance. This was owing to her appearance on P.J Morton’s “How Deep Is Your Love.” We spoke to YEBBA about Les Twins putting her art in motion.

“OMG! I love this performance so much,” YEBBA expressed to Breakaway Daily. “This gives my song a whole new life.  Thank you Les Twins for making my music so physical. This is so dope!”

Her raw emotions are reflected in her captivating music and lyrics. YEBBA’s performance of “My Mind” went viral when she performed it live at Sofar New York in 2016.

YEBBA is sure to be on everyone’s radar with the release of her debut album in 2019. She’s already caught the attention of some big names in the industry, even landing the only duet on Sam Smith’s sophomore album The Thrill Of It All.

“She has the only voice that’s excited me in a long time as a singer,” praised Sam Smith. “Her voice sounds like a heart breaking.”

Speaking of heart breaking, YEBBA lost her mother to suicide about a week after she sang her first original, leading “My Mind” to take on a new meaning representing mental health. Her artist name was chosen to honor her mother who always called her by the nickname as a child.

In memory of her mother, YEBBA is giving the song away for free via her website You can also make a donation to Bring Change to Mind, an organization that helps people with mental illness. 


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Videographer: Alena Schick (Instagram, YouTube)

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