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Breakaway Daily Interview with Frankie Jay

Breakaway Daily Interview with Frankie Jay

Breakaway Magazine

BREAKAWAY DAILY: When did you first realize you had a passion for entertainment?

FRANKIE: I realized I had a passion for entertainment when I was 7 years old. The first solo I sang in church was entitled I Shall Wear a Crown! After seeing the congregation’s reaction, I knew then I was destined for greatness in the entertainment industry.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Who have been some of your earliest influences?

FRANKIE: My early influences were Lecresia Campbell, Toni Braxton, Kirk Franklin and Family, Michael Jackson, and Donnie McClurkin.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Have you trained professionally?

FRANKIE: Yes! I’m training professionally now at The Manhattan School of Music in Voice Performance. And before Manhattan School, I trained with Pamela Helton of Florida State College at Jacksonville in my hometown of Jacksonville. I have training in Music Theatre, Classical Voice, Piano, Drums, and Conducting.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Why the transition from theatre to pop music?

FRANKIE: Well, I haven’t transitioned from theatre to pop. I’m involved heavily in both the theatre world and pop world. I don’t plan to leave the area in which I train, but I do plan on expanding and growing my brand in order to reach endless possibilities.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: What was it like performing for Michelle Obama?

FRANKIE: That moment for me was one of the most humbling and inspiring moments in my life. I can still remember like it was yesterday, the moment when she greeted me and gave me words of encouragement. When I performed for her

BREAKAWAY DAILY: You also performed alongside Gloria Estefan, what was that experience like?

FRANKIE: The experience of Co-Headlining the show with Gloria Estefan was AMAZING! I was 18 at the time and still in High School. Those types of opportunities don’t come every day so I was very fortunate to have my name on a playbill next to The Grammy Award Winner Gloria Estefan!

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Can tell me what the process has been like, making an album, the struggle, etc?

FRANKIE: The process for me has been great! Everything fell into place automatically with my producer, engineer, and business partner helping me executive produce the single and now the album. Yes, I had some struggles in the process, but I choose to focus on the positive instead of the negative.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Does your upcoming album have a title, and when will it be released?

FRANKIE: The working title of my album is called References of Me! The album will be released in the  Spring of 2016!

BREAKAWAY DAILY: What will be your first single, and how will it be made available to the public?

FRANKIE: My first single will be Late Night Memory produced by K-Will! The single will be made available on I-Tunes, YouTube, Spotify, and other various streaming sites.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Tell me about some of the Youtube cover songs, particularly Nick Jonas’s “Jealous?”

FRANKIE: I really love the song Jealous by Nick Jonas, so I wanted to cover the song. I liked the way it turned out and I’ve planned to cover more of his songs to add to my catalog.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Where can we find out more about the career of Frankie Jay?

FRANKIE: You can find out about Frankie Jay on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and through my YouTube videos.

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