Exclusive Interviews

Photographer Penny De Los Santos photographs culture through the lens of food

Penny De La Santonos’s background no doubt inspired curiosity about culture. She photographs food and culture as a way to understand her own diverse cultural background and identity. Penny was born in Europe to an American military family that eventually settled in a small town in Texas, with generations of family history tied to the Texas-Mexico border.

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From the historical all male dining clubs of the Basque Country, to Jerusalem’s most suicide bomber besieged markets, photographing culture has been at the heart of Penny’s work. It has influenced the subjects she picks and the way she makes photographs.

Breakaway Daily interview with New York fashion designer Vena Dehal

Vena held a well established career in finance in New York City. Zealous and hungry for self fulfilment, Vena armed herself with new training in fashion design and spent time evolving as a designer. Working under different niches and commercial labels alike she found her very own aesthetic. In late 2016 her eponymous line Vena Dehal was born. It is a mercurial label. Rather than ascribing itself to a box, Vena believes that artistic intonations adapt with life and occurrences around us. The variability in this expressive sphere is what makes living and breathing through it all the more riveting.

Breakaway Daily interview with Patrice Shavone Brown, author of self-help book Secrets Of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor

Patrice Shavone Brown admits in Secrets Of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor that counselors are not perfect. Counselors keep secrets and they have issues too. The book pulls back the veil to reveal that counselors, like the rest of us, have a lot of things they have to deal with each day. It goes into the world of one counselor, Patrice Shavone Brown, who has never had life easy. You will learn about her deep dark struggles, the kind of struggles no one will ever reveal.

Breakaway Daily Interview with MM Beeman about his debut novel

MM Beeman is a Christian fiction writer with a story to tell. Not his personal story, but the story of God and a kid named Nick Banner. He hopes to encourage young readers and adults to find wisdom in the word of God. He holds MA Degrees in both Special Education and Evangelism and Church Planting, as well as an undergraduate degree in History. Teaching for ten years in the field of Special Education, primarily with youth who are behaviorally challenged, has given him a strong desire to help kids better fall in love with reading and has helped formulate the structure, pacing and messages in his writing.

The Beauty of the Fall is an idea-driven novel examining the growth & development of ideas as life churns

Newly-released by Langdon Street Press, Rich Marcello’s new novel will take you take you on a life-changing and spiritual journey.

The Beauty of the Fall tackles emotionally transformative topics, explores father-son relationships, and working through grief. This mulitlayered novel explores social issues such as climate change, domestic violence, equality for women, and examines the internal struggle of corporate and political America against the people. The Beauty of the Fall suggests that in order to progress, we must communicate with each other and look at technology based solutions to many of our current social problems.

Interview with Tech From Vets

Tech From Vets are a technology company owned and operated by veterans of the United States Military. They are focused on developing award-winning mobile applications for businesses of all sizes.  As a recipient of the Breakaway Daily Technology Award for their company and their Brentwood Golf Course App, Tech From Vets have been highlighted in the Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed, just to name a few.

Tech From Vets has paid it forward in many ways including becoming a proud sponsor of the Florida Fallen Heroes Golf Classic.

Women in the entertainment industry: Breakaway Daily interview with indie filmmaker and actress Jill Jaress

Jill Jaress is a producer, director, writer and President of her own production company Got a Laugh Entertainment. The first comedy she created, Someone to Love, screened at Cannes to a standing room only audience in the Short Film Corner and went on to win eleven laurels in other Academy-qualifying and international film festivals. In her next film, The One-Nighter, she stared opposite of Golden Globe nominee Timothy Bottoms as Pixie Lamour. Jill has also done a plethora of voice-overs, commercials, industrial films and is author of Acting: Everything My Agent Never Told Me. 

Breakaway Daily Interview & Review: Mustafa Ozalcin’s debut fiction novel, “When The World Becomes Braille,” looks at the signs around us

One Night in the 90’s is the first book from the trilogy series When the World Becomes Braille by Mustafa

Ozalcin. The story is told first person from the perspective of the character Chris, through what he describes as a diary.

During a London weekend

we see Chris and his lifelong friends meander through relationships, drugs and violence. When the friends are on their way to pick up their girlfriends, Chris’s thoughts begin to drift to different times in his life. The character of Chris then begins to evolve and change, thanks to braille signs he sees appearing before him at different times.

Interview with Artemis Women in Action Film Festival Founder Melanie Wise & Honoree Yancy Butler

The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival is the first and only film festival honoring ‪kick-ass‬ female driven action films! The festival is taking place at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills April 22nd through April 24th honoring powerful women on screen, those who contributed to the success of the genre, and the undiscovered talent of the future. From superheroes to super stuntwomen, from martial artists to mighty athletes, from women in law enforcement to women in the armed forces. The festival shines a spotlight on females in film who are fearless, fierce, and revolutionary.