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Luka & Jenalyn collaborate with World of Dance friends Les Twins & Aidan Carberry

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Blackpool Dance Festival was the place for Canadian duo Luka & Jenalyn to compete against the biggest names in the world in ballroom dance. After nearly one hundred years, it is still the most prestigious and longest-running ballroom dance competition in the world. The historic Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens Theatre in Blackpool, England on June 1st was standing room only with bow ties and gala gowns surrounding the ballroom floor. It was obvious from the start that Luka & Jenalyn were going to bring something new and fresh; breaking away from tradition. It is every ballroom dancer’s dream to compete at the Blackpool Dance Festival. It’s by far the most prestigious competition on the globe. Once Luka & Jenalyn stepped on the floor, all eyes were on the young pair. Jenalyn’s dramatic new short shoulder length fiery red hair symbolized what they had come all the way from Toronto to accomplish; set the dance floor on fire! The bright white costumes by Canadian designer Jessica Dawson-Gaglione of My Own Design stood out from all the competitors, making Luka & Jenalyn look angelic and strong on the floor. Once the audience and the judges noticed Luka wearing his Nike AirMax sneakers…

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