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Interview with founder of Motiv-Pro, hairstylist Louie Merlot

Interview with founder of Motiv-Pro, hairstylist Louie Merlot

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Louie Merlot is a paragon celebrity hairdresser and stylist who believes that your hair style speaks volume of your persona and also finding the right barber who understands your style is as important as building an impressible personality. He is the founder of MOTIV-PRO, an American brand that manufactures hairdressing tools and styling products. He knows just how important hairdressing tools are for barbers to achieve great feat. The brand is famous for its uniquely designed haircombs, hair grippers, razors, blades, hair fiber, styling gel, peel off mask and capes. 

When did you first become a hairdresser?

My journey started late 2009

How did you learn hairdressing?

I was 12 years old when I first started cutting my hair and that of my two younger brothers. At that time I was using a cheap pair of Conair Clippers I bought at Walmart. Times were difficult for us and affording a haircut was quite a luxury.

When did you start Motiv?

It was founded in 2016

Where is it basedd?

It’s headquartered in California. 

Why did you want to start a hairdressing tools company?

Actually, I never planned on starting a hairdressing tool company. To say the least, I was in shock when I realized that was my calling. Although I always knew I had to sell something though and yes it had to be in the area I love – hair dressing.

How did you start it?

I worked 7 days a week between two barbershops and lived off a strict budget that helped me save as much money as I could. I knew I had to invest in something but I wasn’t sure what it would be for a long time. But then I saved all the money I could and kept brainstorming ideas around what I had passion for. Truly, it wasn’t easy as there were times where I broke down and wondered what I was going to do and if I was even doing the right thing.

When did you start it?

The company launched July 1st 2016 after the release of our first and still our most popular product “The Motiv Blend Comb”.

How does your company and products differ from other companies and products?

I like to picture us as “the peoples brand”.

Why? Well because we have some of the best if not the best prices out there. We save professionals who are just starting out and others who are veterans lots of money on high quality products. The main reason we are able to do that is because we don’t spend extra money on unnecessary packaging and we design and manufacture most of our products ourselves.

Why did you want to focus on hair combs?

I figured out that no other company was doing it. They’re a must-use for every haircut and I knew I could give them a new twist that focuses more on the urban trend. One that the modern stylist would appreciate.

Which celebrities have you personally worked with?

Been fortunate to work with quite a number. I’ve worked with rap music artist Lil Boosie, professional basketball player Brandon Paul of the San Antonio Spurs, Diego Rivas M.M.A fighter in the U.F.C and many fashion models.

What’s a celebrity hair secret we might not know about, but should?

They’re very sensitive about their hair and as a barber you must ask tons of questions to make sure you fully understand what they want.

Every individual has a unique taste. And with your choice of hair style, you can reveal a lot about your persona without uttering a word. So while making the most of your hair, you should be sure to make use of the best hairdressing tools. 

Who is your style icon?

No questions asked Floyd Money Mayweather! Hate him or love him you cant deny he wears some of the “fly-est clothes”, owns some of the hottest cars and his jewelry makes rappers look broke. His overall appearance screams “I’m rich and I don’t care what you think of me”.

What is your #1 hair tip?

Wash your hair before getting a haircut! Lol… not only is it respectful to the person cutting your hair, it also allows them to give you the best cut possible while saving time.

What’s the biggest trend you see for men right now?

Right now the U.K. inspired crop haircuts are very popular world wide and wont be going anywhere anytime soon due to how creative you can get with them and considering how popular they became over night.

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