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Interview with Jazz Songstress Natalie Jean

Interview with Jazz Songstress Natalie Jean

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Natalie Jean is a dynamic artist who grew up loving music. She enjoyed singing with her famous Haitian father Guy R. Jean, and her love for music further blossomed when she began to write her own poetry. Natalie takes inspiration from her daily life and hopes to touch the lives of others through her music.

This year, Natalie Jean’s songs have received over 20 nominations, including the Artists in Music Awards, LA Music Awards, The Indie Music Channel Awards, The Indees, American Songwriting Awards, Hollywood Music and Media Awards, International Music and Media Association Awards (IMEA), Semi-Finalist in the Songwriting UK Contest, and the Akademia Music Awards. She was named one of the Top Five Vocalists in the Singer Universe Vocalist of the Month for June 2014.

Influenced by artists such as Lena Horne, Celine Dion, Billie Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald, her new album “Natalie Jean” features a fiery collection of jazz and blues songs that are filled with passion.

Your father is also a musician. What kind of music/songs you would sing with him while growing up?

My father and I would sing children’s songs in French, Creole, and in English. Growing up, our household loved Elvis Presley, so we would watch his movies and sing along as well.

How did that impact the kind of music you sing now?

My father sings a to of ballads and his songs are often times very sad, with a lot of emotion. He has a song called “Nostalgie,” and it is one of my favorites. I sometimes sing that in my performances. I have followed in his footsteps by singing ballads as well. Songs that convey a lot of emotions.

How do you balance your music with your other day to day life obligations?

Balancing music with all my other obligations can be quite difficult. I have a 9-5 job, I teach 6 aerobics classes a week, and I also am an interfaith minister. Spirituality and music are my passions. I make it work. I have too. I feel that I can make a difference and make a difference in someone else’s life.

You have just released your second album titled “Natalie Jean.” You write all of your own music; where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the process?

My songs are based on my life experiences, especially regarding past relationships. I pull what I have learned from those relationships and what I will never do. My favorite part of the process is when it is done. It’s not easy writing a song. You can feel very vulnerable about letting someone into your own world.

What kind of vibe were you going for in this second album compared with your first album “Obsession?”

My first album was really more of a Pop album. Although I write for many genres, I feel that my voice is better suited for Jazz. I can really portray every word and vibration through that genre.

What is your favorite song to belt out on stage?

On stage, I love to belt out “You Are My Everything.” It was the first Jazz song that I ever written and I am still looking for the one that will make me feel that way.

What would I find on your ipod/music player right now?

On my iPod, you will find many different genres. I have Spanish music, because I teach Zumba, pop, country, new age, dance, etc. Almost everything. But right now I keep on playing Sam Smith’s album. I am also in love with that album.

Yes, that is a great album. I especially love the song “I’m Not the Only One.”

Natalie is currently based in Kensington, so be sure to check out one of her live shows!

Purchase her new album on iTunes. Listen to her songs on Breakaway Radio.

Natalie Jean: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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