Harvest Of Souls Crossover by VA McCloud encourages the reader to never surrender or allow evil to prevail

Harvest of Souls Crossover by VA McCloud is an intriguing series depicting the eternal battle between good and evil, right and wrong, and the realms of light and the dark. VA McCloud wrote the series to inspire readers to think about themselves and how they can create change in the world. The story with a supernatural twist encourages hope, demonstrating the advantages of having good morals and a kind heart. 

Richard Tetlow’s Perceptions Of Christianity From People Of Different Faiths recognizes the wondrous unity and diversity of all life

Richard Tetlow offers his views and deep insights about Christianity and interfaith relations in his book Perceptions of Christianity from People of Different Faiths: To See Ourselves as Others See Us. He stresses the opportunity for each and everyone to listen and learn about the other. He also invites the readers to go deep into their own understanding of religion, why this matters and how we can be respectful of each other’s differences and similarities. Tetlow, with his twenty years of experience as an Anglican priest, lays open his own interfaith journey as a Christian too.

Ernie Hasler speaks to injustice in Poems: Reflecting the Truth

Ernie Hasler has lived a life that came with many ups and downs, while watching things change around him. While he sees injustice, he also delights in the simplicities of changing seasons. He believes greed is the basis of many things and strives to speak of difficult issues through his verse and poetry as a way to spotlight topics that are often overlooked.

In his book Poems: Reflecting the Truth-Volume One: Over Fifty Years Researching the Truth, Ernie Hasler expresses the good and bad in the world.

Judith Abernethy is teaching children the importance of what to do if they get lost in Where Is Pete?

Thousands of children get lost or go missing each year. Many lives could be saved by learning to stay put instead of wandering when lost. Focusing on this very important message is what outdoor enthusiast and horse lover, Judith G. Abernethy is accomplishing with her book Where Is Pete?. During the years of raising her children, she became involved with environmental education on a voluntary basis with the Boy Scouts and Leave No Trace to share important tips that would help the youth in wilderness survival. As

Eric Santos on his book Shoot Your Shot that discusses dating in the world of social media and apps

Dating has changed dramatically over the last ten years with the advent of Instagram and Tinder. Today’s dating apps only require that users take ten seconds to look at a handful of your photos before making a decision to swipe right (hot) or left (not hot) on you. The selfie focused social media platforms of today have made what you look like more important than what you have to say. Social media has had a direct impact on the way people not only feel about themselves, but interact.

TENNESSEE — Edwin Alan Salhany combines the four gospel stories together in The Gospel “Lite”

Taking a unique approach to harmonizing the Biblical accounts, Edwin Alan Salhany expertly weaves the four Gospel stories together into one continuous chronological narrative, removing duplication, and yet preserving all the details and nuances of the different writers. Using the venerable King James text, this is not a paraphrase, but a re-edit of the very Word of God. Doing in-depth biblical research and taking into account the distinct writing styles and format of the four Gospel stories, ‘The Gospel “Lite”’ gives a chronological and unduplicated narrative of the life of Jesus Christ.

The Face of Hunger: Reflections on a Famine in Ethiopia is a memoir about Dr. Byron Conner’s life-changing missionary trip

The Ethiopia famine threatened the lives of many thousands of Ethiopian citizens. It has been estimated that four hundred thousand to five hundred thousand perished due to the famine in 1983-1985, and millions were made destitute. The Face of Hunger: Reflections on a Famine in Ethiopia by Byron Conner, M.D. is a memoir based on the years spent helping to the Ethiopian people and the lasting effects that followed the author’s family home to the US.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Tell us about your book The Face of Hunger?

Baltimore, MA: Unfolding the universal truth: Ken Ungerecht discuses his book Divine Principles about science and spirituality

Ken Ungerecht’s book Divine Principles examines the intersection of spirituality and science. He examines spiritual concepts with scientific principles, and addresses theories about consciousness, conception, reincarnation, and more. We discussed the path that led him to write such an ambitious book.

Philadelphia, PA: Jaime Reyes discusses In the Beginning, a novel that explores of the origins of religion

In his novel, In the Beginning, Jaime Reyes addresses topics of spirituality and religion from the imagined perspective of a Neanderthal tribe. We talked with Reyes about his experiences with religion, his unorthodox journey to becoming a writer, and how he became interested in Neanderthals for the subject of his book.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Tell us a little about your background.

JAIME REYES: I was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the mainland at age 8. I spoke no English, but at that age learning a new language is not difficult.