Philadelphia, PA: Jaime Reyes discusses In the Beginning, a novel that explores of the origins of religion

In his novel, In the Beginning, Jaime Reyes addresses topics of spirituality and religion from the imagined perspective of a Neanderthal tribe. We talked with Reyes about his experiences with religion, his unorthodox journey to becoming a writer, and how he became interested in Neanderthals for the subject of his book.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Tell us a little about your background.

JAIME REYES: I was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the mainland at age 8. I spoke no English, but at that age learning a new language is not difficult.

Rock Hill, Pennsylvania: The Story of the Sun by Anne Hunter Logue is an illustrated book about discovering who we are

The Story of the Sun is a colorfully illustrated book for both children and adults about our relationship with the sun and how it helps us understand who we are. We are so innocent as children, with joy and wonder in our lives. Often as our lives unfold and we grow older, much of that is lost and we forget the truth of our identity and how precious we are. The book has been translated into French (L’Histoire Du Soleil) and will soon be translated into Spanish, making it available to many cultures and backgrounds.

Columbus, Ohio: Interview with Noel Frederick Mehlo, Jr. on his novel The Lost Ranger: A Soldier’s Story

Brave men from the 5th Ranger Infantry Battalion were decimated on their path from the bloody June 6, 1944, D-Day invasion on Omaha beach to assaulting the fort at Brest, France five months later.  Their story is told in The Lost Ranger: A Soldier’s Story, an extensively researched novel that examines the unit that the author’s grandfather, Staff Sergeant Herbert Stanton Hull, served in during the war.

The author, Noel Fredrick Mehlo Jr., served in the U.S. Army as a Counterintelligence Agent working and training in support of Army Central Command (ARCENT) Counterintelligence activities in the Middle East, to include counterespionage and counterterrorism.

South Carolina: Bill McDonald on his book Old Geezer Romancing In Cyberspace

After working for three decades for South Carolina’s capital city newspaper, The State, retired journalist, Bill McDonald, takes his skills from the newsroom to write an entertaining book about his adventures in online dating as a senior citizen. Old Geezer Romancing in Cyber Space vividly shares a tell-all of the good, the bad, the uncomfortable and the hilarious that makes online dating one of the most exciting adventures Mr. McDonald ever had.

This is the second book published from Mr. McDonald. His first book, Columbia, Cornerstone of the Carolinas is about the city he covered in the newsroom for thirty-two years.

The Villages, Florida: Margie Howd on her tribute to her grandparents through novel Love Letters from a Doughboy

Margie Howd’s debut novel, Love Letters from a Doughboy: A World War I Love Story, was a true labor of love for her grandparents. It tells the story of Thomas and Juliette, two young people in love and what they had to overcome. Separated not only by difference in social status, but by war.  The novel is based on Margie’s grandparents’ love letters that she found after her mother’s passing. She found the stack of love letters in the bottom drawer of her mother’s dresser that she and family members were cleaning out.

St. Augustine, Florida: Interview with author David T. Straw on his third novel Chasing Diamonds

After teaching for seventeen years in the elementary classroom, David T. Straw decided to quit so he could turn his passion of writing into a profession. He is now a seasoned author and has published two other books including Complimentary Tales and Lost In Notebooks David was a competitive swimmer and sailor in his early years living in Miami Lakes, Florida. His love of the water would become a big influence on his life and writing. His latest novel Chasing Diamonds is a story of one man’s journey of self-discovery.

Real life love story Until Now inspires readers to believe in true love: Interview with Bobbie Jean Johnson Player

Until Now is a love story based on the real life relationship between Bobbie and Victor. Written by Bobbie herself, the novel tells the story of how the pair were able to overcome many of life’s struggles and strike a balance in life through faith and love.  Although Bobbie and Victor experienced unimaginable rejection, abuse, discrimination and domestic violence throughout their lives, they refused to remain victims of their circumstances. They overcome the slippery slope of toxic shame in order to experience a genuine, untainted love they had never experienced before.

Interview with author Dan Tito Davis on his memoir Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive

Dan Tito Davis is the author of Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive based on his life storyDavis was a fugitive from US authorities between 1994 and 2007, when he was renditioned back to the US from Venezuela. During his ten year prison sentence, Davis penned a seven hundred page manuscript, which chronicled his thirteen year period on the run from the United States federal government. His writing provided a glimpse into staying alive and out of prison while mixing it up with major drug cartels in Colombia and Mexico; crossing the Darien Gap the worlds most dangerous passageway, sneaking into Germany, getting interrogated in Cuba, and building a resort in Venezuela the same time Hugo Chavez was calling President Bush “the devil” at the United Nations.

On Freedom and Revolt: Interview with Carl Moyler

Author Carl E. Moyler pens a compelling comparison between two Nobel Prize winners – Albert Camus and Martin Luther, Jr. The comparison addresses major concerns about tyranny, injustice,, racism, poverty, exploitation and war. Moyler uncovers and reveals in his book that neither man was willing to stand in the face of these devestating issues and do nothing. Moyler finds common ground for the two men In presenting these issues in spite of their differences in terms of racial and cultural backgrounds – one a humane agnostic and the other a seminary trained, in God we trust, preacher.