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Photographer Penny De Los Santos photographs culture through the lens of food: Watch Out World

Watch Out World is our video project collaboration with Alexander Watch that examines artists and their relationship to the concept of time. The series dives into the lives of various creative professionals in their respective industries and explores how they manage their time with busy schedules.

Penny De La Santonos’s background no doubt inspired curiosity about culture. She photographs food and culture as a way to understand her own diverse cultural background and identity. Penny was born in Europe to an American military family that eventually settled in a small town in Texas, with generations of family history tied to the Texas-Mexico border.

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From the historical all male dining clubs of the Basque Country, to Jerusalem’s most suicide bomber besieged markets, photographing culture has been at the heart of Penny’s work. It has influenced the subjects she picks and the way she makes photographs.

Her evolution into food photography has allowed her to explore and celebrate culture, history and community through the lens of food. She has been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout the US and to over thirty countries on assignment for various clients making these photographs.

To Learn More About Penny visit her official website at

Featured Alexander Watches:

Chieftain A101B (Worn by Penny)

Chieftain A101

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