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Behind the scenes of Luka & Jenalyn’s historical collaboration with World of Dance friends Les Twins & Aidan Carberry in Toronto (exclusive)

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Blackpool Dance Festival was the place for Canadian duo Luka & Jenalyn to compete against the biggest names in the world in ballroom dance. After nearly one hundred years, it is still the most prestigious and longest-running ballroom dance competition in the world. The historic Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens Theatre in Blackpool, England on June 1st was standing room only with bow ties and gala gowns surrounding the ballroom floor.

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An emotional interview with Kim Berry, Prince’s hair stylist of twenty-nine years

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Kim Berry
Kim Berry stands by "Le Petit Prince" By Troy Gua at the Weisman Art Museum during the Prince Exhibit. Photo by Breakaway Daily.

Last month, Breakaway Daily joined people from around the world at Paisley Park in Minnesota as Celebration 2018 honored music legend Prince Rogers Nelson. The four day event marked Prince’s passing for the second year in a row, with the first being Celebration 2017. Since his untimely death on April 21, 2016, visiting Minnesota has become bittersweet.

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Breakaway Daily interview: Opada Opada’s Orphan’s Pain tackles war’s effects on African children

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Music has been part of Opada Opada’s life since he was a little boy growing up in Gambella, Ethiopia, singing in his local church. Now the independent hip-hop artist is on his second album titled Orphan’s Pain about the effects of war on African communities, especially children. Opada is looking to spread a positive message and motivate others through his music; something he feels has been lacking in a lot of today’s popular hip-hop.

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Breakaway Daily Achievement in Art Award Recipient: John Nieto

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John Nieto, American contemporary artist, is influenced by bright and bold Southwestern colors and Fauvism, a Post-Impressionism movement led by Matisse.

“I’m in a trance when I paint. It’s like being a drummer—you don’t look at the drums, you just know intuitively where they are.”


John Nieto & his self portraits 

Fauvism was a French movement that followed Impressionism.

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Move better, feel better, live better: Breakaway Daily interview with Chris Kalisz

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Nutrition + movement + sleep = health, wellness, and vitality.


“The body is the most sophisticated piece of machinery we have. It heals itself when you get injured.” 

Chris Kalisz is a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, fitness/nutrition expert, movement therapist and founder of the Mobility Project. Chris’s fitness program infuses aspects from physical therapy, massage, chiropractic care, primal movement, yoga, dance, martial arts and gymnastics.

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The Beauty of the Fall is an idea-driven novel examining the growth & development of ideas as life churns

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Newly-released by Langdon Street Press, Rich Marcello’s new novel will take you take you on a life-changing and spiritual journey.

The Beauty of the Fall tackles emotionally transformative topics, explores father-son relationships, and working through grief. This mulitlayered novel explores social issues such as climate change, domestic violence, equality for women, and examines the internal struggle of corporate and political America against the people.

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Freedom sounds: 20 years ago today Prince releases the brilliant, bittersweet and empowering Emancipation album

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On November 19th, 1996 Prince released his 19th full-length studio album that marked his courageous movement towards artistic freedom. Emancipation was the third album Prince released using his symbol instead of his name; the first two being the albums Love Symbol and Chaos & Disorder. Prince explained that he had changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol to emancipate himself from his contract with Warner Bros, feeling his own name now belonged to the company.

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Wrap yourself in style with Gorgani scarves

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Gorgani is an exclusive scarf brand that represents individuality, exclusivity, beauty and elegance. The company creates hand-crafted offerings from Los Angeles, CA and Palm Beach, FL that empower men and women to express their individuality. Creating captivating scarves, wraps, stoles, and headscarves that are all hand-crafted in the United States is the company’s mission.

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