Exclusive Interviews

Interview with Artemis Women in Action Film Festival Founder Melanie Wise & Honoree Yancy Butler

The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival is the first and only film festival honoring ‪kick-ass‬ female driven action films! The festival is taking place at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills April 22nd through April 24th honoring powerful women on screen, those who contributed to the success of the genre, and the undiscovered talent of the future. From superheroes to super stuntwomen, from martial artists to mighty athletes, from women in law enforcement to women in the armed forces. The festival shines a spotlight on females in film who are fearless, fierce, and revolutionary.

Breakaway Daily Interview with Guitarist Flavio Sala

Italian born Flavio Sala has been captivating all kinds of audiences around the world with his amazing abilities on the guitar. He has played as a soloist and with orchestras around the world, in important festivals, theatres and concert halls. No matter if he is playing Bach or Santana Flavio Sala moves hot only his fingers, but his audience. After releasing several albums as a soloist and featuring renowned artists from Classical, Flamenco, Jazz, Latin, Pop and Rock, he has just released his new discographical project “Mi Guitarra y Mis Amores” (“My Guitar and My Loves”).

Breakaway Daily Interview with Doublehead Music

Doublehead Music consists of Shaun; a composer, vocalist, drummer, and keyboardist. He also dabbles in some slide guitar now and then. He studied jazz dumset performance at CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) that includes notable alumni such as Tim Burton, Katy Sagal, Dustin Hoffman, and Sofia Coppola. When Shaun is not making music, he teaches drums privately. How’s that for beating to the tune of your own drum!


Shaun’s music is not intended to be modeled after a certain style, but authentic self-expression. His music is influenced heavily by jazz, triphop, and fearless self-expressionists like Bjork, Portishead, and Radiohead. 

Interview with Writer/Director of “Separation”

Writer & director Greg White channels Hitchcock in must see film Separation

I am a huge follower and supporter of independent and Canadian cinema. There is some terrific work being done out there, and I love being able to share some of them with my audience. Separation, is no exception. It is not your typical home invasion film and really catches you off guard. Separation is a gem of a film that is packed with twists and turns. It will genuinely keep you guessing to the very end, and then urge you to watch the film all over again. I

Breakaway Daily Interview with “Dumb and Dumber To” Star Steve Tom


Steve Tom is enjoyed a thriving career as a television and film actor. Steve Tom has had recurring and guest starring roles in such television hits as Prison Break, Weeds, ER, Commander in ChiefParks & Recreation, and Two and a Half Men.In 2012, he appeared as Senator Chris Dodd in the Emmy-award winning HBO drama, Too Big to Fail, opposite William Hurt, Paul Giamatti, James Woods and John Heard. His most recent television work includes a recurring role as Judge Craig Richwood on TNT’s Major Crimes, and playing General Maddoxton in the IFC mini-series The Spoils of Babylon (starring Tobey McGuire and Kristen Wiig.)

Breakaway Daily Interview with Virtual Group Vortex Ascent

An international group using the powers of the internet to create and distribute their music. 


Vortex Ascent is an award-winning, experimental, international musical collective. While most of the band live in and around London, some members live in Paris, Tokyo, Brazil or South Africa (find out about all the members here.) They have worked with a variety of accomplished artists in other disciplines as well; including poet Inua Ellams, digital artist Chris Von Steiner, and French film-maker Stephane Floc’hlay. Several of Vortex Ascent’s tracks have also held the number one slot on a variety of unsigned charts in the UK and in Japan.

Human connection through music: Rich Marcello on his novel The Big Wide Calm

The Big Wide Calm is a character driven, contemporary fiction novel that explores music, art, ambition, fame, love, and deep philosophical themes. The sophomore work by New England author Rich Marcello draws you in right from the cover, the intriguing title, and the first few pages. This is the second of three books that is part of the author’s trilogy on different kinds of love. The first, The Color of Home, was published in 2013 and the last of the three, The Beauty of the Fall, published in 2015.