Me, But Better app is a tool to improve your thinking by setting daily affirmations 

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Me, But Better is a simple affirmation app available for your Android or iOS device that enables you to write your personal affirmations, goals and gratitudes. The app that lets your write custom affirmations, against the backdrop of some stunning images, including twelve beautiful images and twelve preset affirmations. The true value of the app is felt in the personalizing of your affirmation.

A self-affirmations, as they are widely called, are an ancient tool that have been a component of religious and spiritual practices throughout the ages. Affirmations are positive statements you speak to yourself, just like in sport psychology, but for your everyday. Use them to improve your life, your business or other goals.

Me, But Better can be used for affirmations like “I keep my body healthy by eating good food.” The app can be used to affirm personal goals. Goal setting is a very important part of the Affirmation balanced diet.

Me, But Better also allows users to state what you are thankful for. Are you grateful for where you are in life? Are you amazed at how great your kids are, do you have a fantastic spouse? Do you realize how amazing it is that your body breathes 23,000 times a day and you are barely aware of it?


The app features reminder notifications that you can set weekly, daily and even hourly.

If you are a morning person you can set them for 6 am, or if you prefer the end of the day you can set the reminder for the evening.

Use affirmations as part of your meditation practice and your personal development programme.

For more information visit the app’s official website at

Available from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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