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“Rush” Runs Out of Gas

“Rush” Runs Out of Gas

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 A re-creation of the merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

This is one of the most buzzed about films of the year, even nominated for a Golden Globe and potentially an Oscar for best drama. For me however, I found it it went off track, and never picked up any speed. It was just kind of redundant and boring. Now that is just my opinion, I am not a Formula One fan or know anything about racing. I just couldn’t get drawn in to this world, and that is what a good film should do.

The performances were all fine. Chris Hemsworth is likeable and has a similar appeal that he brings to Thor, and Daniel Brühl is deserving of his Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Golden Globes. I felt the script by Peter Morgan just didn’t have enough depth or dare I use another pun, horse power? I expected more of Ron Howard. His by-the-seat-of-your-pants race sequences makes the slower, darker sequences feel “rushed” and bland.

It was an interesting aesthetic that he and the cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantlechose to give the film this washed out vintage look that made things like oil stains on the track really show up, it went with the vintage vibe. 

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There are attempts to deal with Hunt’s troubled marriage and Lauda’s conflict with his father, but such little time is spent on these issues that they make no impact or reason to really care about Hunt and Lauda as people. The best biopics make the viewer understand why the subject is important to them, even if it’s not. They find a universality in the topic that sucks you in. For me, Rush never does that. Definitely check out the film if you are a Formula One or racing fan as you might really enjoy it. I just felt like an empty gas tank at the end. Sorry Chris, your have to toast on your own.


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