Sherry Meeks debut novel “Finding Tambri” is a haunting examination of finding yourself after loss

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This is the story of Tambri, a woman who suffers the loss of her young son and the disintegration of her perfect marriage to her high school sweetheart, Daniel. Although Tambri retains her sense of humor, she struggles with feelings of loss and guilt, and not being good enough for this world. Tambri discovers one wrong man after another, and her only condition is that each man doesn’t have children. “I will not go through that again.” Tambri’s late grandmother influences Tambri. At the age of eight, Tambri looks on as her grandmother “reads” Tambri’s future with a deck of playing cards. The reading foreshadows the many men who will occupy Tambri’s life.

Follow Tambri on her journey to find out who she is.

Available through Barnes & Noble Nook, Kindle, Amazon, and various other ebook formats. For more information visit

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