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The symbolism behind Prince’s Love Symbol Album

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Love Symbol

October 13th marked the 25th anniversary of Prince’s Love Symbol album. This 14th studio release from 1992 would mark the beginning of the most rebellious era in Prince’s musical career. By 1993 Prince’s growing frustration with Warner Brothers’ attempt to stifle his musical output would cause him to change his name to the unpronounceable male/female symbol hybrid on the album’s cover.

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What Time Is It? celebrates 35th anniversary

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What Time Is It

What Time Is It? was the sophomore album by one of the greatest funk bands ever, The Time. During this time, Prince was unstoppable as a producer and songwriter. In between tours in 1981, Prince not wrote, recorded and produced The Time’s sophomore album What Time Is It and Vanity 6’s album, but also created his own masterpiece 1999.

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