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Breakaway Daily Interview with Country Artist Doug Briney


Doug Briney embodies all things country.   

“I have come to know and love the Cowboy Lifestyle through country music…And, it is who I am now, who I have been, and who I will always be.”  – Doug Briney 

Doug Briney’s newest release is aptly titled Super Country Cowboy. Blending traditional influences from country music’s past, like the Gatlin Brothers and Kenny Rogers, with modern contemporaries like Toby Keith and Trace Adkins, Doug created an original, honest and authentic sound all his own. 

Can you talk about your latest release “Super Country Cowboy?”

Sure, Super Country Cowboy is my second release.  It was produced by Tate Music Group and has 9 songs on it.  I tell folks each song tells a bit of a story about my life.  So if folks are interested in learning about me the album gives a pretty good picture of who I am and what is important to me.

How does this album compare to your debut release “It’s All Country?”

As far as the music goes, it has a much more edgy sound to it while still staying true to traditional country.  I think there is a bit more variety to it as well, some very rockin’ songs like “I’m Up” to very introspective songs like “I Get To.”  Another big difference is on “It’s All Country” I included 4 well known cover songs.  SCC has one, and that would be “Believe.”

Your son is currently serving in the Air Force, and you have a history of veterans and military service in your family. This has let you to give back in a big way and work with Bright Star International. Why is working with veterans’ charities and Heart Songs For Veterans important to you?

For me it is a way to say “Thank You.”  Our men and women who serve deserve to hear from us as a nation each and every day I think that they are appreciated.  I really don’t think they hear it enough.  My giving back through these charities is my way of doing just that. 

You are donating 100% of  the proceeds from the sale of the single, “Unknown Soldier” to Operation Troop Aid.  Can you talk about this single and why you wanted to work with this charity in particular?

Operation Troop Aid, is a great organization that gives back not only to Veterans but to our active duty as well.  Mark Woods is the head of OTA and he is the only paid position in the organization, so pretty much everything that goes to OTA goes directly to our troops.  That was important to me as well.  It is NOT a top heavy organization.

You recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. Why was it important for you to relocate to the epicenter of the country music scene?

LOL- I think you answered the question for me.  Alaska as much as I love it, wasn’t going to provide for me as a country musician, I needed to be more in a central place where music could be made and no better place then Nashville especially for country music.

How would you describe the music scene in Nashville?

One word… WOW!  The musicians here are incredible, there are venues everywhere and the networking that is done here is so important to furthering a career.  It is very competitive as I can’t begin to tell you how many great players, singers and song-writers there are here, but it just allows me to grow even faster then I thought possible as a musician.

You have also partnered with Musicians On Call, delivering the healing gift of music to hospital patients in Nashville. Can you talk a bit more about this?

I love it.  Basically I go into a hospital and visit patients one at a time, room by room.  I introduce myself to them and ask if they would like to hear a song.  I sing a song for them and hopefully make them smile in what is really a kind of uncomfortable setting. 

You have garnered a lot of awards and honors, what have been some of the highlights so far?

You know, that is really hard for me because each nomination is special.  Id say one of the highlights was receiving the 2013 ICoMA award for Best Live Performance.  Also this year to receive Video of the Year from the IMEA.  One award I’m up for and really could use everyone’s help with is for Male Vocalist of the Year with Nashville Universe.  Voting will begin in January.  You can do so by going to and become a member (It is free). Then when the voting opens, please vote!  

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