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Don’t forget a thing! Breakaway Daily Interview with Lukyanov Eugene, Notibuyer  app developer

in Lifestyle

Organizing your notes and daily tasks has never been easier with Notibuyer notepad app.

Notibuyer list manager is a free and simple to use voice memo notepad and to-do list application for personal and shared notes on your mobile device that will prove to be your irreplaceable assistant. In a hectic world overwhelmed by information, planing your day and arranging your tasks is pretty challenging. Notibuyer is more than just a notes application, it is your personal assistant, your ideas list manager, shopping list manager, organizer, and convenient notebook. Breakaway Daily spoke with Notibuyer’s developer to get more insight into this  smooth note taking experience that can help to make your life more stress free, and your time planning more efficient.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: How does this app differ from other note apps out there?

LUKYANOV: It differs from hundreds of note taking apps by a few features and the user interface. I, being the futurist and first Ukrainian Cyborg with an xNT tag in my left hand, starve for more efficiency, and human perfection in this digital and rapidly changing era. With this in mind I added “shake to start” and “start recording on launch” feature where the app will launch with a shake, great for driving. It also has the ability to let you speak your thoughts and put down tasks right away on the app’s launch. User interface was simplified and made extremely user friendly so that even children could use it.


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