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Bring Good Feng Shui To Your Space With Fountains

Bring Good Feng Shui To Your Space With Fountains

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Feng Shui Fountains

Feng Shui fountains are designed specifically for interior and exterior use.These come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials and are used throughout a home to create a sense of peace and balance.  These may be free-standing fountains, table-top models or even mounted on the wall.

One of the most common ways to use a fountain in Feng Shui is part of a cure. Any fountain will work, they just have to be properly placed to bring positive Feng Shui energy into your space. Of course, they work best when they harmonize with your home decor and personal style.

In Feng Shui, fountains are used to capture the water element’s energy. This element is an ancient one and symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Placing a fountain inside a space also helps increase the flow of negative ions which can improve the health and well-being of those residing in the space. Feng Shui fountains have improved many indoor spaces.

There are several areas where you can place a Feng Shui fountain including north }(the path in life and career area), east (family and health area) and southeast (money and wealth area). Use the Feng Shui energy map of your space to determine the best place to position the fountain. It is also important to consider how the five Feng shui elements interplay together.

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When considering the placement of your Feng Shui fountain, keep these two things in mind. Do not place the fountain in the South area. This area requires a strong Fire element and placing a Water Feng Shui element such as a fountain in this Bagua will create bad Feng Shui. You should not place a Feng Shui fountain in the bedroom. It doesn’t matter if your bedroom contains a good Feng Shui area for the water element, placing a fountain in this room will introduce sorry and worry energy into the area. This is bad Feng Shui.

When choosing a Feng Shui fountain, choose a model with a silent motor such as these from Luxe Water Walls. Also, select a model that will be easy to clean. Add a few Feng Shui stones and crystals around the fountain to help increase the Sheng Chi or beneficial energy. You may also want to consider purchasing a fountain that will diffuse essential oils into the air. This can help bring the various Feng Shui elements together to balance the room’s energy. Choosing the right Feng Shui fountain isn’t difficult. Select a fountain that is quiet and offers an oil diffuser. Position the fountain in one of the water Feng Shui areas to maximize its benefits and balance the energy in the room.

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