Interview with Model and R&BSinger/Songwriter Demetrice Fed

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How did you get started in modeling? Was it something you have always been interested in doing for a career?

I actually got started in modeling without aiming to be a model. It happened by wanting to pursue a music career and part of that means taking pictures so when I took the first set of pics I was amazed, and enjoyed doing it. Then I started getting asked if I could model for new businesses, etc and the rest is history!

Do you like to stay afloat of the latest fashion trends and styles?

I love being afloat of the latest fashion trends because I love rocking a nice fit, lol. I’m all about art so any way that I can express myself through clothing and music, I’m happy.

Can you tell me a bit about your Lamborghini shoot you did in Los Angeles? Has that been your favorite shoot so far?

I loved the Lamborghini shoot. It was by far my favorite! I got to drive it and everything! I got to take it through a few tunnels and other fun stuff. I joined the Lamborghini club because I loved the experience so much! Super dope!


You are also a singer/songwriter. Why are both these artistic avenues (music and fashion) something you wanted to pursue?

I love being involved in writing my music because it comes from who I am and have lived. It’s crazy because I don’t hold back in my writings, and recordings because I want to express my feelings anyway possible. I’ve wanted to pursue music and fashion because its literally my life, and something that lives on forever and ever. It might sound cheesy but it’s very true!

You are currently working on your debut mixtape. What can fans expect on that and when do you think it will be released? Are you writing many of the songs yourself?

The EP is going to amazing!! I’ve been working with a lot of producers and everything for this project! I have written a lot of the material on this album and I can’t wait to share my growth and experiences with the world. The EP is coming soon in 2015!!!

You have covered such amazing artists as Beyonce and Michael Jackson.  Are these the kinds of influences you would like to bring to your debut release?

Heck yeah! These artist are very relatable and honest and that’s why I enjoy their music so much! I love artist who are not afraid to be themselves it speaks volumes.


Favorite Michael song or album?

Human nature is favorite! And best album is definitely thriller!!! Oh yeah!! Woot woot!!!

Since 2015 is fast approaching, what is your New Year’s resolution?

My New Years resolution is to continue to be the best person/artist I can be and enjoy my family and every blessing.

What are some of your favorite albums of 2014?

I have so many but I think my two best albums have been Childish Gambino and Jhene Aiko!! Those albums are so amazing and very genuine and that’s why they are some of my favorites!

Check out Demetrice’s official website and follow him on Facebook & Soundcloud.   


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