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Interview with Music Producer & Game Developer DJ Kamal Mustafa

Interview with Music Producer & Game Developer DJ Kamal Mustafa

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Interview Music Producer & Game Developer DJ Kamal Mustafa

DJ Kamal Mustafa is a Dj, music and film producer, game developer and the owner of his own production company.  In 2014 many FM radio stations worldwide played his remix albums and he has collaborated with some famous artists (see here). He has been featured in Times Of India, News Atlanta, News Chicago and I am pleased to interview him for Breakaway Daily!


Can you tell me the projects you have worked on?

My  total project which i have done are as follows: The Saver 3D, Dance Electronism Remix Album, Voyage Of Love Remix Album, Club Dance, Aashiqui 2 Mashup Album, Judaii Rebirth Of Trance Remix Album, Treaure Hunt The Game, The Robot Game, and more. 

What inspired you to create remix albums?

When I was 15 I listened to many remixes and one day i thought I could do that too, and do it even better. That was my turning point so after that I produced some Indian remixes and then I became a music producer.

What is one of your goals for your work in the future? 

In Pakistan i hope and trying to spread the talent of GAMES AND 3D FILMS and i hope i could succeed in that

Kamal currently developing the game “Snooker Club” for Android user’s available In Google Play and other platforms coming soon!  

Check out his official website & Facebook page.

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