Exclusive Interviews

La vie en rose: Santia McKoy is spreading love through her passion for fashion

Ocoee, Florida

S & M Custom Design is a family owned, high-end custom fashion house. Valentine's Day for designer Santia McKoy is a celebration of love for her family and the eleventh anniversary with her husband Adrian. It is a day they believe is best celebrated with their three daughters, family and close friends. A special kind of love has inspired her new collection; that deep, unconditional love of a mother. Named after her youngest daughter Isabella, The Bella Collection takes inspiration from Isabella's vibrant spirit and carefree attitude. The collection is made up of six incredibly designed dresses that have taken approximately three months to finish from design to completion. It will be released on the 28th of May this year.

Jason Innocent is creating sociopolitical conversation through art

Brooklyn, New York

Jason Innocent is a conceptual artist who has successfully used various mediums to evoke emotion and inspire debate. His ability to address challenging issues through his personal lens gives his work a raw honesty. Jason brings freedom to his art in the creative process representing subject matter that evokes a sense of innocence through his use of two-dimensional, stick-like figures, flat-planed narrative resembling a child’s take on visualizing the world. This aesthetic is cleverly juxtaposed with the mature content of his visual imagery. Jason's work is designed to spark a conversation and challenge social constructs.

Dreams Don’t Expire: The Petrichor film star Olga Korsak

Toronto, Ontaria

Olga Korsak is a Canadian actress, former Olympic figure skater and singer/songwriter. Olga co-wrote, produced and starred in the award-winning horror drama Unmasking, a film to support mental health awareness. She has also appeared in the Amazon original series American Gods. Her most poignant role is in Junga Song's The Petrichor where art imitates life through her performance as a retired figure skater who decides to pursue her dreams again. Written, directed and produced by women, The Petrichor is not just another movie about overcoming adversity. It successfully encapsulates the raw pain and self-determination required to move from a place of weakness to one of strength. It is a poignant reminder that dreams can be brought to life at any age and obstacles can be conquered through inner strength.

Farm-to-Table: Urban Press Winery & Restaurant Is a Taste of Italy in California

Burbank, California

There is a hidden gem glistening in downtown Burbank. Located in the heart of the media capital of the world is a discovered treasure. Urban Press Winery & Restaurant (UPWR) has the distinction of being the only Los Angeles area winery and fine dining establishment that crafts its own wine from Sonoma. Once you step inside, you will feel as if you have been transported to a bustling trendy spot in Italy. It is a welcome respite from the buzz of Burbank to enjoy Sonoma wine and Italian gourmet in a friendly setting.

Designer Santia McKoy Honors Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Ocoee, Florida

Uniting diversity through creativity is exactly what award-winning Haitian fashion designer Santia McKoy achieves through her designs. Just like the characters of Black Panther, Santia learned to be her own hero and became a warrior amid the storms she faced. Much of the African American story is laced within their past and what they have gone through; just as the threads in Santia’s designs tell a story. Black Panther speaks to their hardships and struggles, their endurance and their hunger to succeed and be their own hero's.

Helecia ‘SKG’ Choyce: Voices For The Voiceless Who Lost Their Life To Gun Violence

Los Angeles, California

The late, great Maya Angelou said, "Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning." As humans, we need emotion and passion to convey our truths so that our messages get adequately expressed. In a time where gun violence and war constantly take center stage, we need voices to carry palpable realities. Who better to do that than people who have experienced loss. These acts of violence plague the people of the world and, most importantly, the innocent children who are stripped of life far too soon in such a devastating manner. If there was a time to use your voice to shout 'no more' from the rooftops, it is now.  During these trying times, one of the most powerful tools we have is our voices. Helecia "SKG" Choyce is utilizing her voice and platform and giving back to the people who've lost loved ones.

Sir Daniel Winn’s Divine Film Creation Brings His Artistic Philosophy of Existential Surrealism to Life

Los Angeles, California

Art triggers the mind and soul; it makes us feel without saying a word. True art enriches our inner lives and stays with us for a lifetime. Creation is a short film that will have a profound impact on how you view art going forward. It will capture you as revelations come to the surface long after you’ve viewed it. Creation is simply an explosion of art in all its forms. Creation is simply an explosion of art in all its forms.

Growing Up: Tower Garden is changing the future of food for healthy living


Modern times require modern thinking. There has been huge environmental costs of trying to feed the seven billion people on the planet. If you look at the facts, growing in soil is no longer a sustainable way to grow food. For an in depth understanding of the crisis at hand, we recommend The Vertical Farm: Feeding the World in the 21st Century by Dickson Despommier. Despommier is considered the father of the vertical farming movement and after reading this, you’ll envision a world where skyscrapers feed cities. Giving more people everywhere access to healthier food, the urban farming movement is improving lives by literally changing the way people eat. Using Tower Garden, growing a forward-thinking future is at hand.

Erin Coscarelli: Dealing with grief & prioritizing mental health for women

Imagine experiencing the symptoms of a panic attack right before you went live on air. You feel light-headed, your vision gets blurry and you begin to feel dizzy. That was a reality for TV host and sports broadcaster, Erin Coscarelli. The weight of her personal and professional life was compounding. Passionate about helping other women, Erin is turning her pain into purpose in order to help ease the pain of others. She now lends her voice to speaking up for other women and advocating for mental health and wellness. She is a shining example of how we are not defined by our obstacles, but how we handle them.