Exclusive Interviews

Sean Finn: Distinguished entrepreneur rides new wave into organic skincare & sustainable swimwear

Miami, Florida

Given the state of our climate, sustainable fashion and organic skincare are more than honorable pursuits. Making products that lessen the carbon burden and are more environmentally friendly are incredibly important, and trending, as they should be. Sean Finn is taking a leap into these industries, and is paving the path for healing our planet.

Turning Pain into Power: T. Denise breaks mental health barriers in communities of color

T. Denise had an inside view of gang violence and witnessed a plague that affects these poverty-stricken areas; lack of opportunity and career crime. T. Denise stands as a beacon of light for those with little hope of changing their circumstances and is living proof that the situations you are born into does not define you or decide your life. Quite obviously, she's a hard-core advocate for positive change. Given the circumstances that she was raised in, she's focused on turning the pain of the strenuous daily norm from these struggling urban environments into a hub for healing. For her cover shoot, the idea was to take the stigma out of the more gangster-inspired look that surrounded her in her youth. What can be more gangster than getting an education and doing things your own way, of not following the rules but then using that rebellion to plant altruistic seeds in communities similar to those that you were raised in.

Chains are meant to be broken: Techno-pop artist Mercy extinguishes gaslighting

Los Angeles, California

If you have ever struggled with breaking free from the chains of your past, addiction, gaslighting, abuse, or any other form of bondage, you know that breaking chains can be a daunting task. Maybe you have chains of negative thinking or limiting beliefs. Perhaps they are chains of insecurity, chains holding you back from reaching your full potential. Regardless of your chains, the very word chain produces an image of something solid, heavy and impossible to break. We often assume that a chain cannot be broken; yet chains are not unbreakable. When put into these chains that shackle us, it is our choice to stay bound or free ourselves.

Self-Love & Rebuilding Confidence: Monica Luisi

Everybody gets stuck somewhere along the way, but when you can free yourself to be your true self, you’ll have a beacon that leads you where you need to go. By letting go of the judgement, you embrace positivity and let go of the past. It is a sense of loving yourself, a desire for new experiences and a driving ambition that leads you to make the most of every opportunity that life has to offer. Monica Luisi’s story will inspire you to have self-confidence and faith in yourself despite what others might say.

Herstory: Denise White on tackling the game of life

Denise White has learned how to jump over the hurdles life has put in her path. She has broken through the glass ceiling in an undeniably male-dominated profession, determined to continue to stand up for equality, diversity and inclusion. Even Hollywood has been inspired by this legendary sports crisis strategist and founder of EAG Sports Management. Her incredible life and career will be chronicled in an upcoming television series due for production in 2022 for Netflix, with the series showcasing the adversity Denise faced due to gender discrimination and learning how to conquer obstacles in your way.

EDM artist Michael Schmidt on overcoming opioid addiction & helping others as a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Michael Schmidt is a US Army Veteran currently studying to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Battling opioid addiction, music became his lifeline. When his relationship with EDM (Electronic Dance Music) grew from admiration to creation, his own music was born. He dove headfirst into his passion crafting a dynamic mix of beats that is sure to make waves in the dance music scene. As a new father with a bright future ahead of him, he is an example of the importance of finding yourself in recovery.

Deborah Ray-Sims creates films centered on the African diaspora

Deborah is an award winning independent writer, director and producer. She serves on the screening committee for Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes Film Festival showcase, and as a Submission Ambassador. What sets Deborah apart from other filmmakers is her determination and passion to write stories with intercultural themes from the African point of view. She tells stories that not only entertain, but educate.

Deborah grew up in the post-civil rights era, during a time of racial tension, conflict and strife. It was a welcomed relief to see programs that explored resolutions to these issues. As

The rebellious spirit of Wild Sons, a Parisian rock jewelry brand by two brothers

Wild Sons is a designer jewelry brand that was born from the minds of two brothers, Ezra and Emmeth Cohen. Suspended between two worlds, these two Franco-American brothers share their vision of life through each of their unique creations. The brothers began their style revolution in 2012, inspired by the quirky style of the seventies with its rock and biker culture. Wild Sons offers unisex quality pieces handcrafted and designed in France for those who want to emphasize their strength, independence and personality. The collections combine modernity and timelessness, while still encompassing the French touch.

Rock star of the hair world Larisa Love believes you should do what you love

How much do you love what you do? When you think of your career do you get excited? When you are at work are you happy? Do you love the people you are working with? Do you wake up everyday ready to learn and improve your skillsets? Most importantly, do you love your life?

All too often, we find ourselves looking for meaning in what we do. For Larisa Love, that is no longer the case. After a period of time spent finding herself like so many of us do, she is now who she wants to be —and even as she changes, her belief in herself will never change. Her life has been one crazy roller-coaster ride full of ups and downs, twists and turns. Throughout her journey, Love is what has carried Larisa into her career as world-renown hair artist, educator, mentor, Joico Brand Ambassador, designer and owner of one of LA’s premier boutique salons; Larisa Love Salon. Larisa strives to be the best artist she can be by continuing to push the boundaries of her creativity to another level while also encouraging her fellow hair artists to do the same. Larisa has gained even more insight into the true beauty “behind the chair” and wants to inspire everyone who has a secret dream that they are holding onto. Larisa’s message of tenacity, doing what you love, and the importance of living by your own rules will help you embrace your originality so you can find your inner rock star.