Exclusive Interviews

Goldman Agency on how self-publishing is helping to bring more diverse voices into the world

Self-publishing allows independent authors to tell stories their way and in their own time. It has opened the door for many writers who may have never had the chance to get their work read otherwise. The publishing industry has always been notoriously hard to break into. Self-publishing allows for topics that are unique, original, controversial and different from the mainstream. To be a self-published author means commitment to creating a masterpiece and building a loyal readership. It means constantly believing in yourself, your work and the process.

Ridi lends her voice to combat against bullying and racial discrimination, issues she has faced firsthand

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is, anyone can face oppression. This is the theme Ridi is exploring in her debut self-written single “Top Guy.” Ridi is a European singer/songwriter of Indian descent who delivers a powerful anti-bullying message about healing from the hate. Ridi’s experience of studying at a Swiss boarding school during her junior and middle school years made her witness the social pressures that teens so prevalently face in her generation. Ridi was subjected to a continuous barrage of verbal and cyber abuse, which the courageous young teen spoke out against.

Realization of dreams: Fine artist Sir Daniel Winn merges art & science

In the world of academia, art and science are often separated to the fullest extent. Most people believe that you are either an artist or a scientist. In reality, this isn’t true. Science and art are two sides of the same coin. World-renowned fine artist Sir Daniel Winn has learned to bring art and science together in a masterful way by playing on this dichotomy. Driven by a love for his own art style, labeled as Existential Surrealism, he has created mind-blowing works of art. A modern day Michelangelo, a man of science and artist expression, Sir Daniel has changed lives through his art.

Sevier Crespo’s new film Karen offers a much-needed social critique on everyday racism

Award-winning Puerto Rican-born Sevier Crespo, p.g.a., has been working on producing a social horror film that is certain to make waves with its release on BET. After training with greats like Ridley Scott, Sevier has been changing the industry while leaving his mark with every new piece of work he adds to his portfolio. Through producing Karen, Sevier hopes it creates a social commentary through opening an important discussion. This hyperrealistic thriller is ready to stun audiences with its scathing statement about the reality of everyday aggressions that people face in a society that allows racism to thrive.

Director Ashley Nicole on her journey to be a young filmmaker confronting abuse and climate change themes

Imagination is something that we have when we are children, but once we grow up where does it go? Does it disappear from ourselves or does it hide until the right moment? To indie short filmmaker Ashley Nicole imagination doesn’t stray away from us, it just blossoms and grows. Despite her love and passion for the art form, the road that led her to her passion wasn’t easy. She struggled with her weight after she finished high school in 2019. She also struggled with depression while attending her first year of college.

Kaya Gravitter addresses domestic violence through her novel After She Said Yes

In her debut novel, After She Said Yes, Kaya Gravitter makes a social commentary about the issue of domestic violence. The feminist fiction draws parallels between Aurora, the main character, and what Kaya has faced in her own life as a survivor of domestic abuse. Her trauma and passion for writing led her to pen this poignant story in order to give solace to women left grappling with the consequences on their mental health. Kaya hopes her words help women speaking out against their abusers and for the women who still haven’t by giving a voice to the voiceless.

Movement in the wild: Inspired by nature with dancer Billy Mustapha

Influenced by the nature-rich resources of his Canadian hometown of Calgary, Billy Mustapha has a passion for storytelling in the wild through movement. Using nature and fluid choreography, he creates a poetic fusion. Commanding his body and his mind, he connects emotionally to nature through dance. Through our in-depth conversation we gain insight into Billy's love of nature, how we can all reconnect with Mother Earth, pursuing dance as a first-generation immigrant and finding freedom in a time of isolation.

More than skin deep: Dr. Rada Shakov, MD & Dr. Emil Shakov, MD of The Youth Fountain wellness center

Entering the second year of pandemic-living has left people all around the world wilting under the pressure to adapt to what is now being considered “the new normal.” For most, it feels anything but normal. To combat the virus, countless spaces in the health and wellness world had to be shut down for public safety, leaving many people unable to gain the help and relief they need. These unprecedented times are tough and mentally challenging. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and there is a deep two-way connection between the brain and skin that can cause issues for both what shows up on our body’s largest organ and how we react to it.

Spreading her wings: Lili Liu on breaking free from her fixed identity as a pianist

We often identify ourselves based on what we do, believing it is our identity. This fixed identity is often tied to the core of our sense of self when defining who we are. Sometimes we are seen as being one thing, when we have more to offer. Renown classical pianist Lili Liu knows this dilemma all too well. Her identity reaches far beyond the practice room or the global stage. Lili is constantly on a mission to reinvent herself, to grow and seek out new ways for self-expression.