It is hard to believe that a month ago today we lost The Purple One, The Artist… Prince.

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I have been immersing myself (whenever I can) in his albums, his films, and his presence. It has been so interesting reading about him. He is fascinating and truly gifted in so many ways. It is such a treat to listen to his music that he blessed us with. Such eclectic, amazing music – from his soul in every way, from him writing and producing, to being able to play every instrument.

And his films! I wish he would have done more movies. He didn’t just star in them, but could write and direct. Everyone knows about Purple Rain, but many didn’t know he also starred and directed in Graffiti Bridge and (my personal favorite) the amazing Under the Cherry Moon.


What I really love about Prince is his intelligent, polite, playful and funny personality. Such a great sense of humor! I have the same wish as he sings: “I only want to see you laughing in the Purple Rain…” Love you Prince.

Are you looking forward to Sunday’s very public (and somewhat controversial) tribute tomorrow at the Billboard music awards by Madonna? I think Madonna could do a cool tribute. They did collaborate and briefly date in the eighties, and are the same age. But, I can understand why some fans are not happy. He deserves a slew of musicians paying tribute to him as he wore so many hats, crossed so many different genres, genders, and races. Especially since this tribute is so close to his passing (the day after the anniversary of his death). Billboard should intend to make it a large part of the show since there hasn’t been hardly any public musical tributes to or for Prince so far.

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