Joy (2015) Film Review

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It didn’t bring me a whole lot of “Joy,” nor do I think it will bring Joy to the world.

Joy is the story of a family across four generations and the woman who rises to become founder and matriarch of a powerful family business dynasty. A story based on the true story of a struggling Long Island single mom, Joy Mangano, who became one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs by inventing the “miracle mop.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t jump for “joy” after watching this highly marketed film; it’s called Joy and opens on Christmas Day with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Other than the fact that Jennifer Lawrence stars in the film, the advertising neglects to tell you what the film is actually about; a woman who invents a mop. “Joy” seems desperate to distance itself from its own premise, even when the best scenes in the film center around Joy inventing and then convincing others to invest in the mop. 


“Joy” is the third David O Russell picture that brings Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence together, as well as Robert DiNero from Silver Linnings Playbook. The movie could have everything going for it including a great director, all star cast, and great production design. Yet there are various elements of the movie that just don’t work. It’s not joyous or inspiring. Even the character of Joy in the movie doesn’t get that excited or happy over her new-found success, so how can the audience?


It is good to see a film like this being made, since there are not many major films about female entrepreneurs or powerful women in business. I hope this movie will be the first of many more female stories like this, but perhaps they will have better character development then “Joy” did. 

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