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New Short Film Soon to be Released called “Seat Kicker”


A Front Row Seat For Some Awesome Projects


Seat Kicker takes place almost entirely on an airliner halfway over the Pacific. When the plane is wracked by worsening turbulence, passengers and crew begin to suspect a connection between a gifted little girl’s tantrums and the violent forces threatening the aircraft. For all of us who’ve had a flight from hell thanks to a child, whether our own or someone else’s, the Seat Kicker story will hit home as if told and embellished by Stephen King.

The man behind this epic short film is Bruce Branit, the mastermind behind other original short films such as 405 and World Builder. Helping fund Seat Kicker will build momentum for future projects. In addition to a World Builder feature, Branit FX is working on an alien invasion movie called State of the Union, and a science-fiction film in the vein of Moon or Silent Running called Trebuchet. You will have a front row seat as those projects develop.

This month the creators of Seat Kicker started raising funds through the innovative use of crowdfunding. Their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will help them start production of this new epic short film. So be a part of this jaw dropping new movie and visit the Seat Kicker campaign page here, where you can become eligible to receive great perks from the creators of the this new exciting movie.


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