Setting up the perfect meditation space

Setting up your meditation space isn’t hard if you know what to do. Use the following guidelines to help yourself create the space of your dreams.

Figure Out What You Want

Before you do anything else, think about how you are going to use your meditation space. Do you want it to be something that only you enjoy? Or, do you want to invite others in to use the space as well? Are you interested in creating a place inside your house that radiates calm? Or, do you want a space that will help you to find peace within yourself? Once you figure out why you want a mediation space, you can move on and figure out where you want it and what you need in it.

Determine The Location

Your meditation space does not necessarily need a room of its own. You can set it up in one area of a room. You can use a closet, as long as you have one that is empty and rather roomy. And, don’t forget about the back yard; you can set up a meditation space there if you would like.

Design The Space

Is there visual imagery that goes along with your vision for your mediation space? If so, incorporate it into a design. In general, it is a good idea to keep things simple; this helps you to avoid distractions. A few nice images, along with a couple of flowers, pillows and blankets, and you should have a very nice area set up. Pick items that you love so that your space means something to you.

I saw a meditation space once that had a Buddha statue in it, and I really liked it. The Buddha was sitting with one hand resting on the earth. I love that image of the Buddha; it helps me to remember that that all of us are like living Buddhas.

Get Supplies

Meditation doesn’t require supplies. You only need yourself. However, there are a few things that can come in handy, like beads, a singing bowl, a meditation pillow and a meditation cushion. If you have enough room, consider adding in a table or an altar. You can put a statue on it so that the eye is drawn to that area upon entering the room.

If you plan to allow other family members to use the space, you might want to add in a few things for them as well. For example, kids might find meditation cards and mind jars useful. When they enter the space, these items can help them to calm their bodies and relax their minds.

Keep It Special

A meditation space does not have to be tied to religion, although it can be if you would like, however many like to choose a Buddha head such as this one from Either way, the space should be interesting and calm. It needs to be a special place in the house where you go to meditate, have quiet time, practice yoga or just relax. Make sure that the members of your family know that the decorations all have a purpose and are not to be touched or played with. Also reinforce the idea that the space is a place where you can go to spend a little time with yourself and your thoughts.

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