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Spin it: Elizabeth Anne Mall [EAM] “Belle Laide”album

Spin it: Elizabeth Anne Mall [EAM] “Belle Laide”album

Breakaway Magazine

A classically trained musician, indie artist Elizabeth Anne Mall [EAM] grew up in Kansas and learned to play piano at twelve years old. Her latest album “Belle Laide” is taken from a French term used to describe unconventional beauty.

EAM says, “To me, it fits so well because this album was born from both beautiful and difficult personal experiences.”

Drawing from pop, classical, and electronic influences, “Belle Laide” creates a unique musical experience. Songs range from cutting-edge indie-pop to thoughtful piano ballads. Songs like “Wounds” and “Masterpiece” showcase the intimacy of her voice set against a piano and cello, while songs like “Best Friend” and “Spin the World” display her extensive pop sensibilities.

EAM: Oficial Website | iTunes

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