Vic: Fast! The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger

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This family friendly book series stars a female Indiana Jones character and has been called ‘great for reluctant readers.’ My copy is in the mail but if you are looking to get in on this great adventure with Vic then now is the time because it is on sale now!


In the search for her eternal love, the reincarnated cave girl visits family in Australia, and when her aunt is robbed, Vic pursues the bad guys to a mysterious grotto, where legend says a horrible monster guards a family treasure – and  finds herself  confronted by other equally virulent  threats along the way!

All the things you expect from a Vic Challenger novel – bad guys, cryptids, nature, just a touch of social issue, a bit of 1920’s nostalgia, and Vic continues the search for her lost love.  She is with Lin Li in Australia, visiting family on her mothers side.  It’s a swell vacation, then whamo!  The best laid plans of travel writers and their friends often go kaboom!  Time after time, Vic and Lin find the relevance of the saying, ‘It’s easy to get dead when you’re slow. Savage, unpredictable action!’  Guaranteed!  

Only .99 cents for the Nook or Kindle thru January 15th, then $3.99 

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