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“This gives my song a whole new life” – YEBBA
Les Twins perform a powerful street dance to “My Mind”

in Arts/Editor's Choice/Exclusive Interviews

Larry Bourgeois, one half of the legendary French dance duo Les Twins, performed a poignant dance to “My Mind” by YEBBA while in London last month that will move you to tears. The raw, yet controlled riffs and runs of the Grammy-nominated singer’s soulful vocals are equally matched by Larry’s precise movements.

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Interview with Faraz Inam on his debut novel “The Misunderstood Ally”

in Lifestyle

Inspired by real life events, The Misunderstood Ally is a geopolitical thriller novel based on the life of three characters who come from very different backgrounds. They have strong personalities and diverse opinions on the ‘War on Terror’. This is their story of triumph and tribulations. It’s a story of conflict between their biases and experiences, between their hearts and minds and eventually between their conscience and call of duty.

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Interview with Jacqueline Towell and Sharon Legge Pen, authors of Greek mythology inspired The Convergence Series

in Books/Exclusive Interviews

The Convergence Series: Deliverance presents itself as a tale of self discovery and survival, revolving around the themes of identity, choice, courage, family, love, and war. The young adult novel series combine elements of romance, fantasy, science fiction, magic, and adventure. The title of the series refers to an event, known as the “Convergence,” which is a time of apocalyptic proportions where two opposing planetary systems would converge into one.

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Following His Passion Against All Odds

in Exclusive Interviews/Lifestyle

Dorsey Ross is accomplished evangelical minister and public speaker who has had to overcome many obstacles due to being born with the genetic disorder Apert Syndrome. Despite undergoing many surgeries and people assuming throughout his life that he could not succeed, Ross has beat the odds and followed his passion. In his first book, Overcomer: Discovering God’s Purpose Against All Odds (Xulon Press, 2016), he hopes to inspire others by sharing his story and encourage others to see that with God all things are possible.

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Behind the scenes with World of Dance and Luka & Jenalyn bring Lukas Graham’s “Love Someone” to life in Toronto

in Arts/Editor's Choice/Exclusive Interviews

Lukas Graham takes listeners on emotional journeys through song. Luka & Jenalyn seek to do the same thing through the medium of dance. When they come together it makes a perfect pairing, showcasing the beauty of love that persists through all of life’s struggles. Luka & Jenalyn bring songs to life with their dynamic choreography and expressive motion.

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Julia Daviy is bringing fashion into the future with 3D printed clothing

in Exclusive Interviews/Lifestyle/Photo Shoot

Julia Daviy is a fashion designer with a high-tech twist. She creates 3D-printed clothing that is both fashionable and functional, with an eye towards sustainability and ethical production. With patterns from lace to leather, Daviy creates clothing that is cruelty-free, recyclable, and classically chic. “This revolution will re-empower women around the world, and begin to repair the torn fabric of our society,” says Julia.

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Stray off the beaten path this fall with Blue District’s “Nature’s Realm” collection

in Editorial/Lifestyle/Photo Shoot

Let yourself wander through the enchanted forest as we take a walk through Blue District‘s Nature’s Realm collection. You’ll find yourself among earth tones, floral prints, lush textures and patterns inspired by nature in these whimsical and captivating pieces. From puff jackets, chunky sweaters, elegant coats, bodysuits, flowing skirts, fairy dresses, and even unique statement heels, there’s something here to dress your enchanted side.

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Dolan Twins direct Cub Sport’s new music video: Nu Dae Productions & The Epoch Advisory Exclusive Interview

in Arts/Exclusive Interviews

Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan, collectively known as The Dolan Twins, are an American comedy due and two of YouTube’s biggest stars with over six million subscribers on the platform since 2014. Now they are sitting in the director’s chair (or rather wearing their director t-shirts) making their directorial debut for an undisclosed song from one of their favourite bands, Cub Sport.

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